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  • Turriff Book Lovers Reading Group meet in the Library on the first Monday of the month and after reading a book they all give their comments.


This months book is  Sky Burial by  Xinran


Sky Burial


Vividly descriptive read. Wonderful comparison between Chinese and Tibetan life

I loved this book. Everything and romantic. I learned about Tibet and China.

A wonderful book. I learned a lot about the culture of Tibet and China. Some wonderful descriptions of the people and landscapes.

I thought this was a wonderful story of heart-warming love between a Chinese husband and wife. However the politics behind it seem a bit dubious.

A moving story of a Chinese womans 30 year journey through Tibet in search of her soldier husband who was missing. A good book.

A moving story of love and loyalty. A Chinese woman’s 30 year search to find out how her husband died in Tibet.

Lovely book, well written Interesting with some history attached.

Your Chinese doctor joins army to go and search for husband in Tibet.Interesting and a good read.

A fascinating tale of hardship and love An amazing story.

Turriff Book Lovers celebrating their 10th birthday


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