Our Purpose

Turriff & District Community Council (TDCC) serves the people of Turriff and its surroundings by raising matters with Aberdeenshire Council, Grampian Police and any other National or Regional Authority, which is relevant to the people of the town and district.

How we work

Fifteen members are elected to act on behalf of the community for three years, and then can seek re-election. Generally meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at Turriff Academy 7p.m., with a break during the summer. Extra meetings may be scheduled at other times.

Our role in the community involves:

  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Campaigns
  • Improving the town


TDCC is a statutory consultant on all planning applications, Over the years we have supported many individual planning applications and have attempted to modify those major applications which members felt could have a detrimental impact on the community.


Social, economic and ecological we work with the Police to improve on any problems they encounter in the town and district and have supported many projects such as; the matter of Tetra masts, footpaths, the Haughs to name but a few.


As well as campaigning for a new Primary School, we have been active in the organisation of many public meetings and consultations over the years, including a campaign for a Town Hall.

Improving the town

We helped to found the Turriff Town Pride Group (TTPG) and through them have supported the Hanging Basket Appeal each year, which has improved the Town Centre in the summer months. We also, along with TTPG help to raise funds towards the Christmas Lights and hold a popular Best Garden Competition each year.

Both TTPG and TDCC advise the authorities on perceived problems with the state of the roads etc. Both groups are active withTurriff and District Tourism Group with the aim of encouraging economic and tourism growth into the town.

We are your voice. Please use us, or even better, join us.

Perhaps you are:

  • New to the town and can bring a fresh approach to perceived problems
  • Have a little more time on your hands and would like to become more involved in community issues
  • Are young people who can cast a new perspective on a project or have new ideas?
  • Can bring wisdom and experience to our meetings


Chairperson: Mr Mike Rawlins

e-mail: mjr@michaelrawlins.co.uk

Vice Chair – Carol Allan

e-mail: carolallan1967@hotmail.co.uk

Council Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes of our meetings, please click the links to read the full minutes