Cuminestown was founded in 1763 by Joseph Cumine of Auchry, the laird of the district, who wished to build up a market in the parish for his own produce. The village is built along 1 main street and also incorporates the hamlets of Monqhuitter and Garmond.
The pretty Parish Church of Monquhitter was built in 1764 and stands just behind the town. It was extended by James Matthews in 1868 and contains a 17th-century stone from the earlier church, and a bell of 1689.
Cuminestown also has a monument to William Cumine, built in 1707, to William Cumine which has interesting carvings and is well worth a visit.
Joseph Auchry’s own house – the House of Auchry, is no longer still standing, but is survived by a circular dovecot and a red ashlar Lodge, which was built in 1830.